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Official Catalog January 2020 
Official Catalog January 2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

LPVN120 - Maternal/ Child Nursing

Semester Credit Hour(s) 3
This course introduces the practical nursing student to the study of the reproductive systems, maternal, and child health nursing. The course will include obstetric nursing care in a healthy pregnancy with emphasis on physical safety to ensure best possible outcomes for the mother, baby, and family. Content addresses care of mother and baby from conception to postpartum as well as discharge and home care. An overview of high - risk situations will be included. This course introduces the practical nursing student to pediatric nursing including health promotion and disease prevention unique to the pediatric patients and their families. Deviation from normal growth and development will be explained to meet health care needs of pediatric patients. Study of principles and skills to assist children with health deviations to achieve, maintain, and restore an optimum level of health will be included. Clinical experiences are based on previous learned nursing skills.

Prerequisite(s): LPVN 101 , NURS 125