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Official Catalog Fall 2023 
Official Catalog Fall 2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee

A $35 registration fee will be charged. This fee will not be charged in subsequent semesters unless there is a break in enrollment or it may be charged in event of a change in program major.


All tuition is due and payable in full at registration.  Arrangements may be made for students to utilize a payment plan for any account balance not met by scholarship, financial aid or other sources.  Payment plans generally allow students to pay their account balance over the course of one semester.  No interest or fees are charged.  All arrangements for payment plans should be made prior to the start of the semester.

The base tuition rate is $9,825 per semester for associate degree and diploma programs and the per credit hour rate is $655 except Nursing, Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA), and Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA). The base tuition rate for Nursing, OTA, PTA, and all bachelor degree programs is $9,975 and the per credit amount is $665. Additional fees vary by program and are explained below. Should economic conditions require a tuition adjustment, students will be advised before the start of each semester. All tuition and fees are quoted in US dollars.

Day Class Tuition

Any student classified as a day student who takes between 12 and 18 credit hours per semester will be assessed the base day tuition rate per semester. Any student classified as a day student taking fewer than 12 credits or more than 18 credits will be assessed tuition at the per credit hour rate.

Evening, Online, Blended, and Session Class Tuition

Any student classified as an evening or online student who takes between 13 and 18 credit hours per semester will be assessed the base tuition per semester rate. Any student classified as an evening or online student taking fewer than 13 credits or more than 18 credits will be assessed tuition at the per credit hour rate.

Nursing Program Tuition and Fees

Nursing students taking courses totaling 12-18 credits per semester, for day or evening classes, will be assessed the base tuition per semester rate. A new student taking fewer than 12 credits or more than 18 credits will be assessed tuition at the per credit hour rate. See the course fee chart for lab fees associated with select nursing courses.

Occupational Therapy Assistant and Physical Therapist Assistant Fees

Students accepted into the Occupational Therapy Assistant and Physical Therapist Assistant programs will be required to pay a $150 acceptance fee in order to secure their enrollment in the program. The nonrefundable fee will be payable within two weeks of the student receiving notice of their acceptance into the program.

Technology Fee

Bryant & Stratton College provides a wide array of digital resources that students are able to leverage throughout their studies to support their career and life pursuits. Each student will be charged a $65 technology fee for these digital resources every semester.

On-Campus Food and Housing

Room and board are estimated at $5,900 per semester at the Syracuse campus.  An optional meal plan is available for all students at the Syracuse campus. Contact the campus Business Office for further details.  Bryant & Stratton College reserves the right to adjust the room and board charges, as necessary, to comply with all applicable COVID-19 guidelines and/or mandates.

Off-campus housing is available at the Buffalo, Greece, Albany, Wauwatosa and Virginia Beach campuses, with a median charge of $3,950 per term.  Please contact your campus Financial Aid office for additional information on housing costs in your area. 

At Virginia Beach, a $250 non-refundable maintenance fee must be paid to the College before reserving your room.  Any repairs (including carpet replacement) not covered by the $250 maintenance fee will be charged equally to all residents of the room/apartment.  In Wisconsin, a $500 non-refundable housing fee is charged, comprising a $250 application processing fee and a $250 maintenance fee.  If the cost of repairs to and/or cleaning of the apartment exceeds the $250 maintenance fee, all students living in the apartment will share the additional costs and those will be added to student account(s).  In the case of a graduate, an invoice will be sent to the address on file.  A $300 refundable security deposit, less room damages, is charged for WNY residences.  Contact the campus Business Office for further information.

Computer Technology Standards

To make the most of the learning experience, students will need ready-ac­cess to a desktop or laptop computer for online course work. Students will use computer technology to complete out-of-class assignments required for all courses. The Computer Technology Standards are found on the Bryant & Stratton College website and detail the technical requirements of hardware and internet connectivity for enrollment at the College.

Please reference the technical specifics at the following webpage to verify you have the technology support for college studies.

Locker Fee

A locker fee is charged per semester for students electing to rent a locker.

Graduation Fee

Students who successfully complete any degree or diploma program will be assessed a $100 administrative graduation fee.

Transportation Fee (Buffalo Campus)

Each student at the Buffalo Campus will be charged $90 each semester for bus passes and parking.

Facility Fee (Wisconsin)

Each student at the Wauwatosa and Bayshore Campuses will be charged $150 each semester for parking and shuttle services.

Course Materials Fees

Campus Only Courses  
Courses Fee Amount
  $42 each course
AHLT252   $208
AHLT262   $75
LPVN100 , LPVN101 , LPVN120 , LPVN130   $500 lab fee each course
NURS102 , NURS103 , NURS104 , NURS202 , NURS211 , NURS222 , NURS223 , NURS231 , NURS271 *, NURS301 , NURS304 , NURS401 , NURS470  

$500 lab fee each course

*Only for ADN program students in NY.

SOSC115   $55
Campus and Online Courses  
Courses Fee Amount
ACCT110 , ACCT205   $145 for the first course taken with no additional charge for the other course
BIOL102 , BIOL113 , BIOL120 , BIOL205 , BIOL213   $80 for each course
BIOL110 , BIOL210   $80 for the first course taken with no additional charge for the other course
BUSS100 , BUSS110 , BUSS120 , BUSS213 , BUSS215 , BUSS320 , BUSS325 , BUSS330 , BUSS335 , BUSS340 , BUSS380 , BUSS410 , BUSS430 , BUSS440 , BUSS445 , BUSS450   $60 each course
CAPS265   $60
CHEM101   $140
COMM104 , COMM115 , COMM201   $60 each course
CRJU103 , CRJU112 , CRJU113 , CRJU114 , CRJU135 , CRJU145 , CRJU155 , CRJU156 , CRJU200 , CRJU201 , CRJU212 , CRJU225 , CRJU235 , CRJU240   $60 each course
ECED101 , ECED102 , ECED103 , ECED104 , ECED105 , ECED106 , ECED107 , ECED201 , ECED202   $60 each course
ECON325   $60 each course
ENGL079 , ENGL101 , ENGL102 , ENGL202 , ENGL250 , ENGL302   $60 each course
GRAD250   $60
HCAS123 , HCAS129 , HCAS133   $60
HCAS143   $80
HOSS110 , HOSS120 , HOSS122 , HOSS220 , HOSS230 , HOSS240   $60 each course
HTHS110 , HTHS121 , HTHS230 , HTHS301 , HTHS302 , HTHS305 , HTHS310 , HTHS315 , HTHS400 , HTHS405   $60 each course
HURS103 , HURS 107 , HURS200 , HURS205 , HURS208 , HURS217   $60 each course
HUSS125 , HUSS130 , HUSS220 , HUSS355 , HUSS360 , HUSS440 , HUSS450   $60 each course
INFT124   $60
INFT231   $136
LITR320   $60
MARK100 , MARK110 , MARK120 , MARK210 , MARK220 , MARK230 , MARK240 , MARK300   $60 each course
MATH077 , MATH101 , MATH201 , MATH309   $75 each course
MCCG137 , MCCG146 , MCCG150 , MCCG212 , MCCG222 , MCCG240 , MCCG262   $140 each course
MCCG100 , MCCG210   $60
MDAA101 , MDAA202   $42
MDAA204   $102
MDAA209   $60
NSCI280   $60
NETW151 , NETW161 , NETW211 , NETW241   $136 each course
PHIL310   $60
PLEG100 , PLEG110 , PLEG120 , PLEG135 , PLEG136 , PLEG140 , PLEG155 , PLEG210 , PLEG220 , PLEG230 , PLEG235 , PLEG255 , PLEG290 , PLEG295   $60 each course
PROF450   $60
PSYC101 , PSYC111 , PSYC120 , PSYC310   $60 each course
SOSC102 , SOSC118 , SOSC301   $60 each course
TECH131   $129
VOIM120 , VOIM230   $60
VOIM109 , VOIM111 , VOIM112   $140 for the first course taken with no additional charge for the other two courses

Books and Supplies

Books and supplies are available for purchase at the Online Bookstore or at select campus stores. Student costs will vary each semester depending upon subjects scheduled and publishers’/ suppliers’ prices in effect at the date of purchase. Costs are estimated at $250 to $825 per semester and are posted each semester for those students ordering through the Online Bookstore. Textbooks and supplies are purchased by the student and become the property of the student. The college store is offered as a service to students. Students are not required to purchase their books or supplies from the College.

For more information about the Online Bookstore go to on the Internet or ask your campus advisor.

Medical Assisting students are required to wear protective covering in the medical laboratory to comply with federal safety regulations. Medical Assisting students may be required to purchase a lab coat.

Medical Assisting-Ohio only

Ohio students enrolled in the medical assisting degree program will be charged uniform fees associated with selected courses. When registered for AHLT100  Medical Terminology and AHLT130  Clinical Procedures courses, students will be charged $15 and $50, respectively.

Electronic Technology-Ohio only

Ohio students enrolled in the electronic technology degree program will need to purchase an electronic kit.  The estimated cost is $160-$180.

Medical Assisting-Richmond only

Students enrolled in the medical assisting degree program at the Richmond campus will be charged fees to cover uniforms and CPR training. When registered for AHLT130  Clinical Procedures and AHLT230  Medical Laboratory courses, students will be charged $75 and $100 respectively.

Medical Assisting-Wisconsin Only

Wisconsin students enrolled in the medical assisting degree program will be charged a CPR certification fee of $32.50 when enrolled in AHLT230 .

Occupational Therapy Assistant - Wisconsin Only

Wisconsin students enrolled in the occupational therapy program that is offered online will be charged a fee of $500 when enrolled in OTAP120  to cover the costs of a toolkit provided to students for clinical practice.

Nursing Students

Nursing students are required to have at minimum, approved clinical attire (scrubs and shoes), stethoscope, penlite, bandage scissors, and wrist watch with second-hand. The required items are described in the Nursing Program Student Handbook. The estimated cost of these items is $275 - $385.

Official Transcript Fee

There is a $10 fee for each official transcript requested. Official transcripts are issued when all financial obligations to the College have been fulfilled and any delinquent loans have been cleared.

Credit by Examination

A $25 non-refundable fee is charged for each optional PLA examination attempted at the College. An administration fee of $125 per credit hour is charged for each course when PLA credit is applied to the degree plan.

2023-2024 Cost of Attendance

Federal Title IV regulations require that all institutions of higher education create and document an estimated amount that it will cost students to attend college.  This estimate is referred to as the Cost of Attendance (COA).

The COA is comprised of an estimate of the following costs: tuition and fees, housing and food, books, course materials and supplies, transportation, loan fees, and miscellaneous expenses (including a reasonable amount for the documented cost of a personal computer).  It is comprised of both direct costs such as tuition and fees, books and certain housing opportunities and indirect costs that you may or may not incur such as transportation, food, housing and other miscellaneous costs that are not charged directly to you by the College.

Direct and Indirect Costs of Attendance per Semester

Campus Based

Diploma and Associate Degrees

Campus Based

Nursing, Bachelor, OTA, PTA Degrees

Online Education

Diploma and Associate Degrees

Online Education

Nursing, Bachelor, OTA, PTA Degrees

Syracuse Campus

COA for Student Residing in Campus Housing

Tuition - Full Time Day (12-18 credit hours) $9,825 $9,975     See campus-based rate for program of study
Tuition - Full Time Evening (up to 12 credit hours) $7,860 ($655 per credit hour) $7,980 ($665 per credit hour) $7,860 (full-time cost for 12 credit hours) $7,980 (full-time cost for 12 credit hours) See campus-based rate for program of study
Books and Course Material Fees* $550 $850 $500 $850 $550/$850 (depending on program of study)
Nursing Program Course Fees Only   $1,000   $1,000 $1,000
Food and Housing

$875 for dependent student

$1,750 for independent student

$875 for dependent student

$1,750 for independent student

$875 for dependent student

$1,750 for independent student

$875 for dependent student

$1,750 for independent student

Dorm Fee:  $2,900

Meal Plan:  $2,900

Miscellaneous / Personal Expenses $400 $400 $400 $400 $400
Transportation $340 $340 $340 $340 $340
Loan Fees $47.50 $47.50 $47.50 $47.50 $47.50
Laptop (optional) $600 $600 $600 $600 $600

*Book charge may vary by term for certain programs.  Additionally, certain programs may require an additional cost for obtaining a professional license that is typically incurred after completion of the program.  Please contact your campus for more information on this cost.

The following notes are provided to assist you with understanding these new COA Charts:

  1. COA is customized based on your chosen program, your dependency status and if you are living with your parent(s).
  2. Housing and food are a required component of the COA, however it does not mean that you will pay more for these items, just because you attend college; this is an expense you likely already have.  Please contact your Financial Aid Office for information on off-campus housing opportunities that may exist in your area and how this could impact your COA.
  3. The College is also required to include the cost of a laptop in the COA, whether or not you purchase a laptop through the College.  A laptop is an additional expense that is not included in the cost of your tuition.  Please see your financial aid advisor if you need to purchase a laptop.
  4. Books and course fees are shown as an estimate and may vary by term.  Course fees will be charged based on the courses selected for attendance and are listed on the following pages.  Books may be purchased from the College Bookstore.
  5. The federal student loan origination fees are also a required COA element.  The College does not assume, however, that you will borrow, nor how much, should you choose to borrow loans.  If you do not borrow loans, you will not incur this cost.
  6. COA is used to determine need as part of the federal packaging methodology.  It does not represent, however, the amount of aid that you can receive.  Your financial aid advisor can assist you with the COA for your program of choice and assist you with determining your financial plan.

Company-Sponsored Tuition Reimbursement

Many companies provide tuition reimbursement as part of their employee benefits package. If you are employed full-time, you should contact the personnel office of your employer for information concerning your compa­ny’s tuition reimbursement program. Such programs commonly require that the employee initially pay the tuition for a subject or program and that the tuition will be reimbursed by the company upon successful completion by the student.

If you are attending College through a company-sponsored tuition reim­bursement program, you must notify your Financial Services Office of this additional aid and make arrangements to provide your employer with the information required for its tuition reimbursement program. Your Financial Services Office may require proof of this reimbursement from your employer.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Bryant & Stratton College believes a fair adjustment policy recognizes that situations occur where the student has no control and the College has incurred a continuing cost in faculty, space, and equipment for each student enrolled.

Students intending to withdraw from any number of classes are encour­aged, but not required to give written notice of their withdrawal to the Academic Office to ensure the withdrawals are officially recorded and the students’ records are updated. Unless a student drops a course or courses during the drop/add period, no refund of tuition will be granted to a full- or part-time student who does not officially withdraw from the College. This also applies to students taking online or blended learning classes in the second session of the 15 week semester. Non-attendance in a single course does not constitute an official or administrative withdrawal. Refunds for official and administrative withdrawals will be based on the Refund Policy listed in this catalog. In circumstances necessitating a student’s actual change from full- to part-time status, authorization may be granted only with the approval of the Academic Office. Students should be aware, both official withdrawals as well as administrative withdrawals due to lack of attendance as outlined in Treatment of Federal Aid When a Student Withdraws, have an impact on financial aid. Students who register as full-time students who do not officially withdraw from a course(s) will continue to be charged full-time tuition.

Unless students drop a course or courses during the drop/add period, students who register as part-time students who do not officially withdraw from a course or courses or are administratively withdrawn in full for lack of attendance during the corresponding refund period, will continue to be charged the tuition based upon the number of courses they registered for including students taking online or blended learning classes in the second session of the 15 week semester. However, their lack of attendance in a course during the drop/add or census periods, may cause their enrollment status to change for financial aid purposes, leaving a tuition balance not covered through financial aid.

Tuition is based on the assumption that a student will remain in college for the full semester. All refunds will be computed based upon the last date of attendance, whether the student officially notifies the College of their intention to withdraw or is automatically administratively withdrawn after 14 consecu­tive calendar days of non-attendance in all courses. This refund policy will apply to all tuition and dormitory rents incurred by the student, with the exception of purchases made at the Online Bookstore. The refund policy applies to part-time and full-time students including those part-time students who take a single credit-bearing course. Withdrawal from a course or courses but not from a program will not result in a refund unless the withdrawal from the course or courses takes place during the drop/add period.

All tuition paid by new students who cancel their application or registra­tion for any reason prior to the start of classes will be refunded in full. The refund will not apply to the cost of purchases made at the Online Bookstore. Students who officially withdraw or are withdrawn for lack of attendance from all classes during the refund period will receive a refund per the following chart.

Tuition refunds will be computed according to the following guidelines:

Date of Official Communication Refund Percentage
Prior to start of classes through the first week of classes 100%
During the second week of classes 75%
During the third week of classes 50%
During the fourth week of classes 25%
After the fourth week of classes 0%

The refund policies apply to all students enrolled in credit-bearing single subjects as well as in a program, regardless of their form of payment.

Refunds are not offered for special non-credit courses that are not part of a degree or diploma program. No amount of tuition will be retained for any terms beyond the current semester.

Refunds will be made within forty five (45) calendar days of the student’s official date of withdrawal unless federal or state guidelines require refunds be made in a shorter period of time.

Withdrawals from session-based courses such as online or blended learning formats, may have an impact on a student’s eligibility for New York State TAP. Please see the New York State section of this catalog for more information.

If the public health situation deteriorates such that the College must again suspend in-person classes, the College will strive to provide instruction online and there will be no tuition refunds based on that transition.  If you choose to withdraw, you may be entitled to a partial refund based on the College’s normal refund policies.

Treatment of Federal Student Aid When a Student Withdraws

The law specifies how schools must determine the amount of Title IV program assistance that you earn if you withdraw from school. This applies to students who officially withdraw from school as well as those who are administratively withdrawn for non-attendance as outlined in the Attendance section of this catalog. The Title IV programs that are covered by this law are: Federal Pell Grants, Federal Direct Loans, PLUS Loans, and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOGs). When you withdraw during your payment period (Bryant & Stratton College can define this for you) the amount of Title IV program assistance that you have earned up to that point is determined by a specific formula. If you received (or your College or parent received on your behalf) less assistance than the amount that you earned, you may be able to receive those additional funds. If you received more assistance than you earned, the excess funds must be returned by Bryant & Stratton College and/or you to the U.S. Department of Education. The amount of assistance that you have earned is determined on a prorated basis. For example, if you were enrolled in all 15 week semester based courses and completed 30% of your payment period, you earn 30% of the assistance you were originally scheduled to receive. Once you have completed more than 60% of the payment period, you earn all the assistance that you were scheduled to receive for that period.  Additionally, if you were enrolled in any session based courses and completed 6 credit hours or at least 49% of your period of enrollment, you will not be withdrawn from the term and will have earned all of your Title IV aid, otherwise the percentage of completion rules apply.  If you did not receive all of the funds that you earned, you may be due a post-withdrawal disbursement. If the post-withdrawal disbursement includes loan funds, your permission must be given before Bryant & Stratton College can disburse them. You may choose to decline some or all of the loan funds so that you don’t incur additional debt. Bryant & Stratton College uses all or a portion of your post-withdrawal disbursement (including loan funds, if you accept them) for tuition, fees, and room and board charges (as contracted with the College). For all other College charges, Bryant & Stratton College needs your permission to use the post-withdrawal disbursement. If you do not give your permission (which some schools ask for when you enroll), you will be offered the funds. However, it may be in your best interest to allow the College to keep the funds to reduce your debt at Bryant & Stratton College. Title IV aid will be recalculated for students who do not begin attendance in their online second session courses. Please see a Financial Services Advisor for further information. There are some Title IV funds that you were scheduled to receive that cannot be disbursed to you once you withdraw because of other eligibility requirements. For example, if you are a first-time, first-year undergraduate student and you have not completed the first 30 days of your program before you withdraw, you will not receive any Federal Direct Student loan funds that you would have received had you remained enrolled past the 30th day.

If you receive (or Bryant & Stratton College or parent receive on your behalf) excess Title IV program funds that must be returned, your school must return a portion of the excess equal to the lesser of: 1. your institutional charges multiplied by the unearned percentage of your funds, or 2. the entire amount of excess funds. Bryant & Stratton College must return this amount even if it didn’t keep this amount of your Title IV program funds. If Bryant & Stratton College is not required to return all of the excess funds, you must return the remaining amount. Any loan funds that you must return, you (or your parent for a PLUS Loan) repay in accordance with the terms of the promissory note. That is, you make scheduled payments to the holder of the loan over a period of time. Any amount of unearned grant funds that you must return is called an overpayment. The amount of a grant overpayment that you must repay is half of the grant funds you received or were scheduled to receive. You must make arrangements with Bryant & Stratton College or the Depart­ment of Education to return the unearned grant funds. The requirements for Title IV program funds when you withdraw are separate from any refund policy that your school may have.

Therefore, you may still owe funds to the school to cover unpaid institution­al charges. Bryant & Stratton College may also charge you for any Title IV program funds that Bryant & Stratton College was required to return. If you don’t already know what Bryant & Stratton’s College refund policy is, you can ask Bryant & Stratton College for a copy. Bryant & Stratton College can also provide you with the requirements and procedures for officially withdrawing from school as set forth in this catalog.

If you have questions about your Title IV program funds, you can call the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 1-800-4-FEDAID (1-800-433- 3243). TTY users may call 1-800-730-8913. Information is also available on Student Aid on the Web at

If a withdrawing student has received financial aid funds, Bryant & Stratton College will return such unearned funds to the federal program as required under federal regulation in the following order:

  1. Unsubsidized Direct Loan (other than PLUS loans)
  2. Subsidized Direct Loan
  3. Perkins Loans
  4. Federal PLUS Loans (DIRECT)
  5. Federal Pell Grants for which a return of funds is required
  6. Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG)
  7. Other assistance under this Title (for example LEAP)
  8. The student

Federal regulations require that financial aid recipients use refunds to repay financial aid received for that semester’s attendance. This policy applies to institutional aid as well.


Students who completely withdraw from classes after having received an overage disbursement caused by excess financial aid may be required to return all or part of that disbursement check to the College. Failure to return the funds (if required) will result in a loss of eligibility for further Title IV student aid.

Options for Repaying Federal Student Loans

Additional information on options available for repaying your federal student loans can be found at:

Certification and Disbursement of Federal Direct Loans

Disbursement of federal direct funds for first semester students’ who are also first time borrowers of federal direct loan funds, may not be disbursed earlier that thirty (30) days from the beginning of the semester.

Past Due Accounts

Past due student accounts will be referred to a collection agency at the discretion of the College.